Know Your Neighbor

Joel Martinez, who has lived in Whitney for eight years, appreciates the proud sense of community in the town and believes it is a great place to live and raise a family. Joel and his wife, Amanda, have three children, 11-year-old Jaxon, seven-year-old Emerson and one-year-old Cyrus. Joel graduated from Midwestern University as a doctor of veterinary medicine in June 2022 and is the newest veterinarian at Bosque County Veterinary Clinic in Meridian. He has a passion for educating clients about animal health and building strong relationships within the community. Joel is a part of King Memorial UMC, American Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Animal Health Commission and American Association of Bovine Practitioners. In his free time, Joel enjoys spending time with his family, working cows, fishing, hunting and being outdoors.

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The “Know Your Neighbor” section of our newspaper is published weekly to highlight members of our community who work hard every day to make Whitney a better place. We use it as a way to welcome newcomers to the area as well as to spotlight longtime Whitney natives. It’s a fun way for Whitney residents to get to know each other.

To nominate someone to be our neighbor in an upcoming publication, email us at If you’d like to participate, you can email us or fill out the questions here by clicking this link.

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