Know Your Neighbor

Betty Newman and her husband Terry moved to Whitney in 2012 after retiring from jobs in Midland. Betty immediately joined the choir at White Bluff Chapel and has enjoyed numerous opportunities to work and volunteer at the chapel since moving. She is currently the pastoral care and outreach coordinator. She loves being involved in the Whitney community and recently served as president of Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance from 2018 to 2020. She especially grew to love Whitney while being involved in the LWMA because she saw the incredible generosity of community members and their willingness to help and serve others. In her spare time, she plays the piano, reads and spends time with her three children and two grandsons who live in Waco, Midland and Boulder, Colorado.

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The “Know Your Neighbor” section of our newspaper is published weekly to highlight members of our community who work hard every day to make Whitney a better place. We use it as a way to welcome newcomers to the area as well as to spotlight longtime Whitney natives. It’s a fun way for Whitney residents to get to know each other. To nominate someone to be our neighbor in an upcoming publication, email contact information to

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