Local DAR celebrates Constitution Week with meeting, special skit presentation

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

September 22, 2021

Fort Graham DAR Chapter members pictured are: seated – Madeleine Lively, Beverly Hicks and Gerry Milnor; standing – Beth Woolsey, Penny Collins, Linda Turner, Carlene Gribble. Not pictured is Justin Floyd, who provided the voice of George Washington.

Constitution Week, which is observed every year on September 17-23, is designated by Congress to celebrate the anniversary of our United States Constitution.

The Fort Graham Chapter of the National Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) met last Saturday to observe the occasion and to honor the constitution.

The event took place at the Texas Great Country Café Event Center in Whitney and served as the opening meeting of the year for the group.

The highlight of the event was the program, which consisted of a skit set during the Revolutionary War on the back porch of the home of George and Martha Washington.

Wives of some of the colonists fighting the British had gathered together to await the arrival of a mail wagon bearing letters from their husbands on the battlefront. Some of the women acting in the skit represented their actual ancestors as they read excerpts from their letters, revealing true facts about their own ancestors.

Carlene Gribble authored the skit and served as the narrator. Justin Floyd, son of Fort Graham Chapter member Penny Collins, served as the voice of George Washington, reading an authentic letter that George had written to Martha from the battlefront.

Madeleine Lively played Martha Washington; Beverly Hicks was Betsy Ross, telling her story of having created the new American Flag; and Penny Collins portrayed her German ancestor, newly arrived in America and reading her letter in a German accent. Also appearing in the skit were Gerry Milnor, Beth Woolsey and Linda Turner.

The Constitution of the United States establishes America’s national government and fundamental laws and it guarantees certain basic rights for its citizens. It was signed on September 17, 1787, by delegates to the Constitutional Convention.

Each DAR chapter is encouraged to study, teach and discuss the Constitution and share what is learned with its community.

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