Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance: Did You Know?

Submitted by Betty Newman,
LWMA public relations,
past president

February 1, 2023

Did you know that the following organizations and programs are supported by the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance?

Our Daily Bread Food Bank – Each month, at least 30 – 45 volunteers work tirelessly to provide groceries to those who cannot afford to buy food. In 2022, the food bank served 2,941 clients with 7,321 family members. During November, “Turkey Coupons” are given to help with Thanksgiving meals. A food drive is held each November prior to Thanksgiving with an objective of 65,000 lbs.

Backpack Program to Whitney, Blum and Aquilla students – During the week, free meals are offered for students through the breakfast and lunch programs at our public schools. However, some students do not have enough food on the weekends. The “Backpack Program” was designed to send needed food home with the students in a backpack each Friday.

During the first half of 2022, LWMA assisted King Memorial United Methodist financially to provide food to 2,610 children’s backpacks. In September, LWMA assumed the administration of the Backpack Program and provided students 1,368 backpacks, bringing 2022 total backpacks provided of 3,978.

Chaplaincy to CCRC and Town Hall – Country Club Retirement Center, an assisted living facility, and Town Hall, a nursing home, are provided a brief worship service to residents who would like to attend.

Representatives from local churches rotate Sunday afternoons to bring a devotion and music to our older citizens.

Senior Center – Located in the center of town, the local Senior Center is open each Tuesday to all who would like to gather for games, arts and crafts, programs, lunch, Bible studies and numerous educational opportunities.

Joint Committee for Christmas – The JCC sets up trees with the “Angels” at local businesses. The “Angels” indicate those who request clothing and toys for children 12 years and under. Hoodies and age-appropriate gifts are given for children 13 – 18 years of age. JCC also gives out socks and books on distribution day. JCC puts Christmas meal boxes together so families have an extra box of food for Christmas. They also put together gift boxes and gift bags for senior citizens.

In 2022, JCC provided gifts for 370 people, primarily with the help of many volunteers from local churches and organizations both shopping and purchasing clothing and toys. Among the 370, 254 recipients were 12 years and under, 78 were 13 – 18 years of age and senior citizen gifts to just under 40 people. In addition, LWMA prepared 232 boxes of Christmas food for families. We also distributed hundreds of pairs Bombas socks, donated to us by Bombas, to children, teens, senior citizens, and Backpack program recipients. We have many more socks we hope to distribute in 2023.

Benevolence – Basic needs are met through our Benevolence program. Our volunteers carefully listen to each person’s situation. In 2022, we assisted clients by providing funds for some basic needs. We assisted a total of 782 clients, 222 with utilities, 17 clothing vouchers, 523 gas vouchers, 18 with prescription assistance and two with emergency assistance.

School Supplies to Whitney and Blum – The LWMA “stuffs the closets” of our schools with needed supplies for those who need assistance. Each summer, the teachers provide a list of anticipated supplies. Items are bought and distributed to schools in Whitney and Blum before school starts so they will be available to students on the first day. We fill in supplies throughout the year as needed.

Community Worship – Worship services and special events involving all denominations are publicized for all in the community to enjoy and participate.

The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance has a powerful impact on our community. Area churches, businesses and private donors financially support and put hands to the work that touch lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The extensive ministry is provided by an all-volunteer force with no paid employees. The work is provided by dedicated community members as an overflow of ministry from their local churches to be the hands and feet of Christ.

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