A Note To Our Readers About Circulation Changes

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

March 22, 2023

Beginning next week, The Lakelander will make changes to our free coverage area. This will have no impact on our readers with a Whitney mailing address in the 76692 zip code or to those in Clifton’s 76634 zip code, but those residing outside of these areas will no longer receive the paper free of charge and will need to subscribe to continue receiving it.

This was a difficult decision to make and one that we put off as long as possible. We know that our readers understand how difficult economic conditions have been for newspapers in recent years.

Industry studies have found that the country will likely have lost one-third of its newspapers by 2025, and that many surviving papers are taking steps to cut staff and circulation.

We rely on advertising to cover the cost of publishing, printing and mailing the paper. Those costs have continued to rise while advertising has declined. At this time, the only way we can continue printing the paper is to reduce our free circulation area.

We hope many of you will choose to subscribe and continue receiving The Lakelander. We are keeping rates as low as we can to make it as affordable as possible because we know the cost of running your own household is also increasing.

If you would like to subscribe, please give us a call at 254-694-4344, email us at ads@lakelander.com, or stop by and see us at 109 West Washington Avenue in downtown Whitney.

We thank all of our readers and advertisers for sticking with us through these changes, and we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

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