Janice Sanders announces her candidacy for Whitney mayor

April 19, 2023

Janice Sanders has announced her candidacy for mayor of the City of Whitney.

Sanders has called Hill County “home” since 1980 and has lived in Whitney since 2013. “I am seeking election as the mayor of Whitney with the desire to serve until the job is done,” she said. “The City of Whitney is primed for a new and exciting transformation with the recent leadership changes in the police and fire departments. Now is the time to positively effect change to bring growth and stability to the City of Whitney.”

The candidate brings a range of experience to the table. She has served as a member of the Covington Independent School District Board of Trustees for over 20 years. Her other experience includes being a certified firefighter, EMT and Level 2 Instructor.

She is also a member of the Fort Graham Chapter DAR, a director of the Woodrow Osceola Water Supply and serves as the executive director of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce, a position that has given her the ability to work on business growth and community projects.

“I have the knowledge and skills to encourage unique opportunities, leadership and the implementation of new ideas,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that her desires for the future are to promote economic development to include growth and beautification.

“I anticipate working with current city leadership to develop a strategic plan with hopes to improve the City Park to include walking trails, a splash pad, a dog park and other amenities,” she said. “This strategic plan will also include exciting activities for the area youth providing opportunities for them to safely gather for entertainment within our community.”

Sanders said that she will conduct town hall meetings and offer the opportunity for citizens to make suggestions for improvements, and work hand in hand with community businesses to promote tourism.

“I promise to be transparent, truthful and always maintain the highest level of integrity,” Sanders said. “I will serve the citizens of the City of Whitney and the surrounding areas of Hill County with character and honesty. Your voices will be heard.”

The public is invited to a meet-and-greet with the candidate Saturday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to noon at The Accounting Experts in Whitney.

The Lakelander allows all political candidates to run one free article announcing their candidacy prior to the early voting period. Word limits apply. For more information, email news@lakelander.com or call 254-694-4344.

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