Whitney fire chief set to retire after 46+ years of service

Reporter: Ellie Mahan August 25, 2022 Whitney Fire Chief Wayland Price Wayland Price was introduced to the world of firefighting when he was just a toddler. His father was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, so at two years old, Price began growing up around the camaraderie, the late nights and the risks of the … Continue reading Whitney fire chief set to retire after 46+ years of service

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Council to pursue water pilot program, fire chief to retire

Editor: Shannon Cottongame August 18, 2022 The Whitney City Council met in a special session Thursday evening, August 11, to consider a water system upgrade and approve a contract with an electricity provider for city facilities. The council also convened in closed session to hear from Fire Chief Wayland Price before resuming open session and … Continue reading Council to pursue water pilot program, fire chief to retire

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Fire department seeks volunteers

Reporter: Ellie Mahan March 30, 2022 The Whitney Fire Department has 12 volunteers and would love to welcome about six more to the team. For information about how to become a volunteer firefighter, call the fire station at 254-694-2444. Other fire departments throughout the area are also facing an increase in calls and a shortage … Continue reading Fire department seeks volunteers