White Bluff residents express appreciation to area workers

Reporter: Ellie Mahan

October 28, 2021

White Bluff had its own Trash Collectors Appreciation Day to thank the three companies that serve the area Monday, October 18. See accompanying story for more details.

White Bluff residents decided to dedicate Monday, October 18, to the area workers who collect their trash bins on Mondays.

Those participating in this day decorated their driveways with cheery chalk drawings and thank you messages, decorated trash cans and put out snacks, drinks and gift cards.

White Bluff has celebrated other service workers in the past, honoring different groups of people who give their time, effort and energy to the community.

The residents have found ways to recognize the homeowners association, mail carriers and the fire department. Deb Hamner, who helped initiate the effort with the help of Terry Boyer, said that with all the businesses who are having trouble keeping workers right now, she wanted workers to feel valued and important.

“We just wanted to say thank you. Especially with the Thanksgiving season approaching, we didn’t want to take anybody for granted that is out there earning an honest living,” Hamner said.

White Bluff residents decorated their driveways to show their appreciation for trash collectors. Photo submitted by Terry Boyer.

She said that residents chose to recognize trash collectors because they are an under appreciated group of people, whose hard work can sometimes go unnoticed. She said there was good participation from the community members who live there full time.

“We’re all in this world together to help each other, and we appreciate all the service workers,” Hamner said.

The group plans to continue encouraging those around them, and they may pay tribute to security workers in the area next.

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