CSCD program benefits local food banks

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

January 5, 2022

The Hill County Community Supervision and Corrections Department has presented $1,574 in gift cards to the Hillsboro Interfaith Ministries (HIM) local food pantry and Our Daily Bread Food Bank in Whitney during the year 2021.

The Community Supervision and Corrections Department in Hillsboro coordinates the program in conjunction with the courts in Hill County presided over by 66th Judicial District Judge Lee Harris, Hill County Court at Law Judge Matt Crain and Hill County Judge Justin Lewis.

Under the program, the courts may allow defendants to satisfy community service restitution (CSR) hours by purchasing gift cards, which are then designated to be given to local food pantries.

In these cases, the courts authorize probationers to donate the gift cards with the designated monetary amount equaling credit for CSR hours.

Since the program began in 2009, local food pantries have received $57,772.06 in gift cards that can be used to purchase food and other items that are then distributed to the community.

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