ESD 2 Board hears request, EMS reports

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

March 30, 2022

The Hill County Emergency Services District (ESD) 2 Board of Commissioners met in a regular session Thursday night, March 17, in Hillsboro.

In public comments, Doreen Strickland with Abbott Volunteer Fire Department spoke to the board and asked for an increase in payments to fire departments responding to medical calls, citing increased fuel and maintenance costs.

Strickland said that with costs rising, it is to the point that some Hill County departments could end up closing their doors if they don’t get more help.

CareFlite representatives told the board that community outreach events are back up and running after they were halted for a period of time due to the pandemic. CareFlite has held free CPR and first aid courses recently and has additional classes planned in the future.

Air Evac reported that it has also been offering life support classes for first responders and medical personnel in Hill County.

CareFlite ground ambulance crews reported 336 responses and 216 transports in February.

The air report showed 14 medical transports from Hill County in February.
Air Evac reported 14 requests and six transports in the county.

Sheet rock is going up at the new ESD 2 facility on Outlet Drive in Hillsboro, and Board President Tad Duncan said that construction is moving along, but slowly due to material delays.

Duncan also reported that the eviction process is ongoing against a previous tenant who continues to live on property that the board recently purchased on Farm Road 67 near Covington. Duncan said that a local court ruled in the district’s favor, but the individual appealed the ruling.

Duncan said that the next hearing had not yet been scheduled in the county court as of the date of the meeting.

The board also reviewed its records management policy as required by law and approved a contractor’s draw of $35,145 for the new Hillsboro facility.

The next regular meeting will be held Thursday, April 21, at the Hill County Covington Street annex beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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