November ballots set after runoffs

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

June 2, 2022

Hill and Bosque county residents voted in statewide primary runoff elections Tuesday, May 24, deciding several party-level races ahead of November’s general election.

One local race was also decided in Bosque County, as Michele Valdez defeated Leslie Perry 349-222 in the Republican runoff for Precinct 2 justice of the peace.

Only 1,888 Hill County residents and 1,614 Bosque County residents cast ballots in the primary runoff. There were 1,660 Republican ballots cast and 228 Democratic ballots cast in Hill County and 1,458 Republican ballots and 156 Democratic ballots cast in Bosque County.

On the Republican side, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton won his runoff against challenger George P. Bush with 72.04% of the Hill County vote, 70.78% percent of the Bosque County vote and 67.96% of the statewide vote.

Paxton, who is seeking a third term as the top lawyer in Texas, will be challenged by Democrat Rochelle Garza in November. Garza won her primary runoff against Joe Jaworski with 62.72% of the statewide vote, 52.63% of the Hill County vote and 36.54% in Bosque County.

Both parties also had a runoff to determine their land commissioner nominees. Dawn Buckingham defeated Tim Westley with 68.79% of the vote statewide, 69.31% of the Hill County vote and 61.39% in Bosque County.

Democrats chose Jay Kleberg over Sandragrace Martinez. Kleberg received 52.91% of the statewide vote, 54.82% of the Hill County vote and 72.44% in Bosque County.

Democrats selected Mike Collier over Michelle Beckley for their lieutenant governor candidate. In Hill County, 69.60% went to Collier, and he received 74.36% in Bosque County and 54.79% statewide.

The Republicans selected Wayne Christian over Sarah Stogner for railroad commissioner, with Christian receiving 55.14% of the Hill County vote, 54.39% in Bosque County and 65.04% statewide.

Democrats selected Janet Dudding as their candidate for state comptroller over Angel Vega. Dudding received 70.35% of the Hill County vote, 66.67% in Bosque County and 61.40% statewide.

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