Family credits 10-year-old with saving baby brother

Reporter: Ellie Mahan

June 23, 2022

10-year-old Aubrey Morris holds her 11-month-old brother Hayden.

Thanks to a heroic act by 10-year-old Aubrey Morris, a family at a home in Blum is united together in gratitude for their safety and health after enduring a trip to the hospital last week.

Aubrey, who is from Aurora, West Virginia, recently arrived at her father’s home in Blum for a summer visit. On her first day in Texas, her father informed her that her 11-month-old brother Hayden had to be treated at a hospital in February because he had a seizure. Aubrey’s father told her to let him or her step-mom know if she noticed any concerning behavior in Hayden.

One afternoon, Aubrey’s father, Ronnie Morris, finished feeding Hayden his baby food and milk. Ronnie then put baby Hayden down in his Pack-n-Play to nap, and Aubrey sat down in the chair next to him and talked to him.

About three hours later, Aubrey’s dad and step-mom were upstairs discussing a Father’s Day trip when Ronnie heard Aubrey call his name. As he walked down the last of the stairs, Aubrey asked her father why Hayden was not moving, stating that her little brother had not moved for a minute or two.

Ronnie then called 9-1-1, and Hayden was airlifted to a children’s hospital for further care.

Ronnie reported that Aubrey has been diagnosed with Chromosome 16p Deletion Syndrome, which can lead people to have developmental delay, intellectual disability and some features of autism spectrum disorder.

Ronnie said, “Knowing Aubrey, she is a sweet, kind and gentle little girl. From what I have been told from her teachers, she is the kindest hearted child they have in class, always helping even when she doesn’t need to.”

“She has been a great help and a lot of fun visiting with us. We are so glad to have Aubrey in our lives. She does more than expected while she visits and never asks for anything,” he added.

Her father and step mom applaud Aubrey for her quick actions that were able to save her younger brother’s life. The family returned home from the hospital Tuesday, June 14, after Hayden’s recovery.

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