Wildcats of the week October 20

Every week, teachers at Whitney Elementary School select a student from their class who exhibits outstanding Wildcat behavior in the classroom and in the school hallways. Wildcats of the Week gain certain privileges in class, such as being the teacher’s helper, being the line leader and even getting to eat lunch on Wednesdays on the stage in the Wildcat Lounge with the principal. Recent honorees pictured above are: front row- Evelynn Tucker, Samuel Eighmy, Adrian Gonzales, Fernando Garcia, Aubree Wright, Ezra Plummer and Bo Taylor; middle row- Jonathon Sanchez, Trendon Ramsey, Jake Mercer, Nolan Wyont, Andie St. Peters, Paislee Hall and Samantha Harrell; back row- Paisley Chambers, Alysa Orizaba, Jaycee Pelvelka, Yaneli Ortiz, Zaine Sutch and Hudson Beatty.

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