City Council selects next fire chief

Reporter: Ellie Mahan

January 25, 2023

The Whitney City Council held a special meeting Tuesday, January 17 to interview two potential candidates for Whitney fire chief, and the council selected David Gilmore to fill the position.

Gilmore is retiring from Mansfield Fire Department, with almost 30 years of firefighting experience. He said that he feels he can be an asset to the city given his years of experience, his certifications and his special training.

Gilmore is certified to complete inspections and fire investigations. He also has law enforcement experience and served as a reserve officer with the Whitney Police Department. He has active shooter training, and he said that he can be an extra resource in times of emergency.

Gilmore has been in the Whitney area since 1988, and he used to own a skating rink across dam. He said that he is retiring from Mansfield because he would like to be closer to home, and he believes being a fire chief will be fulfilling to him.

The new chief is expected to begin serving the department this week.

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