Sanders comes out ahead in Whitney mayor race

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

May 10, 2023

When the votes were tallied Saturday, May 6, it appeared that Janice Sanders would be Whitney’s next mayor and A.J. Marino and Nicole Corson had secured school board seats.

The vote tally was unofficial until canvassed by the Whitney City Council and Whitney ISD Board of Trustees, and the canvassing process had not been completed as of The Lakelander’s Sunday press time.

Sanders had received 84 votes when the count was released after the polls closed Saturday, and Barker received 54.

After the results were announced, Sanders said that she is eager to serve as the next mayor.

“We have so much growth available to us,” she said. “We have grant writers in place for the playgrounds and splash pads. We have citizens stepping in for our community events. There are teams in place for community and family events. It’s going to be a great place to grow.”

Sanders also expressed appreciation to those who helped her during the campaign.

She said: “I want to thank my campaign committee that kept me on track with advertising and support. To the community that let me put signs in your yards, thank you. To the business owners that supported me, thank you. To my family and friends who helped me pound the pavement, wrote ads and scheduled events, thank you.

“To the directors of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce, thank you for everything. I could not have asked for a better group to encourage me, have faith in me and be eager to be a part of this path. With all this support, I am sure Whitney will be the best place to live, play and visit.”

In the school board election, Nicole Corson received 202 votes to secure a board seat. Adrian “AJ” Marino will keep the seat he has been filling after receiving 170 votes. Larry Farmer received 96 votes in the election.

Jessica Utter won the contested seat on the Covington City Council, defeating April Bradshaw 20-11.

Results of Blum’s joint city and school election were delayed on election night due to technical difficulties, and elections officials there said that they would be available Monday or Tuesday.

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