WT Retirement Solutions strives to make retirement a financial success

Reporter: Ellie Mahan

May 10, 2023

Business Review

Lyndol Anderson, owner of WT Retirement Solutions

Lyndol Anderson, owner of WT Retirement Solutions, obtained his professional designation as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) from the American College of Financial Services after successfully completing the eight college level courses required for the designation. The knowledge he gained on investing, wealth management, insurance and long-term care allows him to discover the optimal solutions to his clients’ financial retirement concerns.

Lyndol says, “Because I am a baby boomer myself, I see the issues that we face as an age group because I am living it.”

He is well-versed in the processes of creating a sustainable retirement plan, maximizing retirement assets and ensuring that they will be passed on to future generations with minimal government and legal intervention.

He can assist people with signing up for programs like Medicare and/or setting up an asset-based long-term health care plan.

Lyndol spent 27 years as an automotive mechanic. He compares the importance of sustaining a financial conservation program for retirement to the importance of maintaining a family vehicle, both to maximize value and ensure dependability. He now utilizes his problem-solving skills on a daily basis, but in an entirely different profession.

“Your financial retirement plan may need a tune-up and you may not be aware of the recent innovations available to keep it running as desired,” he wrote on his website.

Lyn is well-connected in the financial world and enjoys directing people to the proper resources. He is not licensed to give legal advice when clients seek assistance for an estate planning issue; he still manages to provide solutions by referring them to an expert on the topic. He loves to talk to people and foster new connections.

Advising people is second nature to Lyn, and thinking quickly on his feet to present ideal outcomes for clients is one of his strengths. He excels at teaching people how to survive retirement financially.

Because he is able to conduct business virtually, he has clients from all over the state of Texas, and is licensed to practice in Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania
and New Mexico.

Lyn Anderson is also available to meet with clients in his office in downtown Whitney, by appointment only.

Set up a virtual or in-person meeting by emailing lyndol@handerson.com or calling 325-829-1430 or 888-216-0019.

Visit https://Ihanderson.com/ to learn more about WT Retirement Solutions.

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