Ride for the Rally Point comes through county

May 10, 2023

Jeremy Robinson, a cowboy and Army veteran who is on a 1,000-mile horseback ride through Texas to raise awareness about veteran homelessness, came through Hill County last week. The “Ride for the Rally Point” effort began in Huntsville in 2022, and Robinson and his horse, Trooper, completed half the trip before unforeseen circumstances halted the ride. The ride relaunched from Maypearl on Easter weekend. Robinson said, “We’re going from community to community and town to town screaming it from the mountaintops trying to get all the right eyeballs on this effort.” He encouraged everyone to visit http://www.rp1texas.org to learn more or how to help, but pointed out that the main way to help is for people to check on one another. “Check in on your brothers and sisters, because a lot of us are going through it,” he said. “You don’t know it because we don’t tell everybody.” Robinson is pictured with Hill County Veterans Services Officer Brad Orban and Precinct 2 Constable Justin Girsh during a stop at the Hill County Courthouse.

One thought on “Ride for the Rally Point comes through county

  1. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story of Jeremy Robinson’s “Ride for the Rally Point.” It’s great to see veterans like him raising awareness about important issues such as veteran homelessness. I would like to know how his journey has been received by the communities he has visited. Have they been supportive and engaged in helping to raise awareness?
    Have a great day!
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