Hill county Angel Tree applications available

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

November 24, 2021

Applications for the Hill County Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program are now available for families seeking assistance.

Applications may be picked up at Hillsboro Walmart customer service desk located at 104 Coke Street, Eastland Title Company located at 69 West Franklin Street Hillsboro, Texas Through Time at 110 North Waco Street in Hillsboro, or The Reporter Newspaper/KHBR Radio located at 335 Country Club Drive Hillsboro. In Whitney, they are available at the Hill County Salvation Army office, located at 108 North Colorado Street.

Applications must be completed and turned in by Wednesday, December 8, to one of these locations.

Applicants must be the head of the household and submit the following:
• Valid photo identification (proof of citizenship is not required)
• Proof of income (pay stubs, income tax forms, benefits letter, etc.) and monthly expenses (receipts, utility bills, etc.)
• Documentation of all children and adults living at the address (lease listing, official letterhead from clergy, school or a social service agency) and proof of age for children 12 and under (birth certificate, school records, medical records, etc.)
The applicant should also be prepared to provide accurate clothing and shoe sizes for all children 12 and under.

All individuals living at an address should be listed on one application.

Angel tags will be placed on trees around the area December 1, and those donating should return gifts to tree locations by Friday, December 17.

For additional information, contact Carol Westbrook at 254-707-1401, Marsha or Joe Denison at 254-582-2762, Carrie LuJan at 254-262-3466 or Dave Mojica at 254-205-3880.

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