Aquilla girl finds a pigeon pal

Reporter: Ellie Mahan

February 23, 2022

BrenLe Dudik, an 8-year-old Aquilla resident, poses with her rescued pigeon, Sky.

An 8-year-old Aquilla girl has a new friend after her family saved an injured bird. According to Taylor Dudik, BrenLe Dudik’s mother, the family rescued the bird and began to nurse it back to health Saturday, January 1, and “Sky” has been returning to their house every night since then.

When a friend brought the Dudiks the bird after finding it in a parking lot in West, its head was injured and it looked to Taylor like it had been hit by a car. While Sky was healing, they let her sleep in an oversized dog kennel. After she was healed, they attempted to set Sky free. Taylor wanted to allow her to live a normal wild bird’s life and did not want to cause her to be completely dependent on them. When Taylor let Sky loose and encouraged her to fly away, she was not gone long before returning to what she had come to know as home.

Now when BrenLe is playing in the yard, Sky can be seen perched on top of the swingset or in a tree nearby watching over her. Sky typically travels during the day, but when BrenLe is home from school at night, she calls Sky’s name, and her pal comes flying back. When BrenLe visits her grandparents that live near her home, the bird follows her. Family members sometimes take a walk down the driveway, and Sky walks on the ground alongside them. The Dudiks feed Sky bird seed, fruits and veggies and let her inside when it is cold outside. Taylor said Sky flies by the window when she wants to be let inside, and she frequently flaps her wings in the window after BrenLe comes in for the night.

The Dudiks rescue other animals as well; they have eight dogs and three cats. Taylor said all of the other pets get along with Sky. She said, “Everybody knows she is part of the family now.”

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