Lakeside Village Area VFD plans summer fish fry Saturday

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

June 16, 2022

The Lakeside Village Area Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary will hold their summer fish fry Saturday, June 18, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Lakeside Village Fire Hall/Community Center.

The menu will be fried fish, onion-stuffed hush puppies, potato salad, pinto beans, desserts, all the condiments and drink for a cost of $11 per adult and $5 for children under 10 years of age.

“We owe a lot of people an apology because we ran out of everything by 6 p.m. at our April fish fry,” said Auxiliary President Vicki Johnson. “We know our fish fry is known as one of the best around the lake, so we prepared more than our usual amount, but never dreamed we’d serve 243 people in the first two hours.”

She explained, “Everything has gotten so expensive we try to estimate the numbers we’ll serve and order appropriately so we won’t have expensive leftovers, however, we obviously missed the mark in April and we sincerely apologize to those we turned away. We’ll make every effort to order and prepare more for this one and hope we’ll be forgiven and those who didn’t get served will give us another chance.”

The Ladies Auxiliary is responsible for the upkeep, repairs, utilities and insurance on the building, trucks and firefighters.

“We work hard to keep our Fire Hall/Community Center open so that the residents of the Lakeside Village area of responsibility have a VFD ready to respond to fires and other emergencies that arise,” Johnson said. “We’ve recently had some big expenses to the building upkeep, so we’re working even harder than usual to be sure we can give our firefighters and the community the services they deserve. We hope everyone will come back and give us another chance to share some of our great food on June 18.”

The fire hall is located at 136 CR 1275, just east of the FM 927 and 56N intersection, right next to the water tower. For more information, call Jackie at 254-775-4425.

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