New commissioner appointed to serve Hill County Precinct 1

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

January 18, 2023

Jim Holcomb (left) was sworn in by Hill County Judge Justin Lewis to begin serving as Precinct 1’s commissioner Wednesday, January 11.

Hill County Judge Justin Lewis appointed Jim Holcomb to serve as Precinct 1 commissioner following Andy Montgomery’s resignation and swore him in Wednesday morning, January 11.

The appointment was made after the judge formed a committee comprised of former and current commissioners and constituents to review applications and interview candidates. Twelve individuals applied for the position. of Precinct 1 for about 15 years after coming to Hill County from Rendon, located south of Fort Worth. He spent 42 years in the oil and gas industry working for several companies and running his own company.

“I was retired when this came up, and it was just one of the things that happens in your life that was God directed,” he said.

Holcomb said he’s coming in to the position ready to hear what the people of Precinct 1 have to say.
He said that he knows those conversations are not always pleasant when residents are frustrated with the pace of projects, but he still wants to listen to and talk to constituents. “I’m not going to run from that,” he said. “I’m going to try to answer (their questions).”

Holcomb and his wife, Karen, have five adult children: twins Lauren and Amber and Johnny, Jacob and Kara.

His office is located at the Precinct 1 annex in Huron, between Whitney and Blum.

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