Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness now open in downtown Whitney

Business Review

March 1, 2023

Elizabeth Giancola and Matthew Wetherbee, owners of Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness.

Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness is here to support your health and wellness needs. The business recently opened at 120 West Washington Avenue, across from A Daughter’s Dream in Downtown Whitney. Owners Elizabeth Giancola, MS, OTR/L and Matthew Wetherbee, CPT, established the activities center to provide a space for community members to develop strength, flexibility and resilience. They hope to provide clients with the tools to transform their lives.

Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness offers the following classes: Tai chi, qigong, kung fu and meditation. Tai chi, kung fu and qigong help to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The owners said that whether you are already an avid athlete, or you are looking to jump start your fitness routine, the classes can be tailored to provide a “just right” challenge for all skill levels and abilities.

Meditation classes are an opportunity to experience the connection between the mind, the breath and the body. All classes help to grow the body’s ability to feel calm, centered and energized.

In the words of one of Elizabeth’s regular Tai chi students, “No matter how stressed or busy I am, Elizabeth’s Tai chi classes bring me back to my center and allow me to refocus and balance. Elizabeth delights in sharing her love for the Tai chi art form with her students, and uses a playful and focused approach to help people of all ages and physical abilities to connect to feelings of peace and ease as they learn the form.”

For those interested in individualized treatments, Elizabeth offers occupational therapy, craniosacral therapy and abdominal massage. During these sessions, she works with your muscles, bones and fascia to release patterns of tension in the physical body and to create profound experiences of relaxation in the nervous system.
Each session also includes exercises that can be done at home to help maintain changes that have occurred during the session.

In addition, Mat offers one-on-one personal training sessions, using free weights, exercise bands, dumbbells, exercise balls and a Bosu ball to develop overall strength and postural stability.

Elizabeth and Mat have dedicated their lives to the ongoing study and practice of martial arts, fitness and healing modalities.

Mat is a NASM certified personal trainer with extensive experience in fitness and martial arts. He holds a black belt in shaolin kempo kung fu and a red teaching sash in southern praying mantis kung fu.

Elizabeth is a nationally licensed occupational therapist with a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, and has studied a range of movement and manual therapies for over 20 years. As an occupational therapist, Elizabeth specializes in pediatrics, working with babies, toddlers, children and teens with mild, moderate and severe disabilities.

Her background includes extensive clinical experience and education in sensory integration, Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding and mental health. She has also worked with adults recovering from stroke and orthopedic surgeries in acute care hospital settings and in post-acute care.

Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call 808-278-8693, follow Lone Star Healing Arts and Fitness on Facebook, or email them at eghealingarts@protonmail.com. For a class schedule or to read client reviews, visit eghe alingarts.com. Se habla espanol.

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