HCSO warns residents about new scam calls

Editor: Shannon Cottongame

April 13, 2023

The Hill County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a scam that is being reported locally.

The sheriff’s office reported that multiple Hill County residents are being called from numbers with a 254 area code, and the caller says that they need to speak to them immediately about a serious situation. The scammers appear to be using software to mimic voices.

“Apparently they have obtained a recording of our menu options voice and are using it in the software to sound familiar or like they have a southern accent,” the sheriff’s office reported. The caller then asks for personal information from the potential victim.

The sheriff’s office reminds the public that it will not call and ask residents to make any kind of payment over the phone. The office will also never accept gift cards as payment or become aggressive and make demands that you stay on the phone with them while purchasing gift cards.

Residents are encouraged to verify who they are speaking with and tell the caller that they will call back to the sheriff’s office’s phone number to verify that the call is real.

The main non-emergency number for the Hill County Sheriff’s Office is 254-582-5313.

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